Due to Covid-19 disease, in addition to the operating regulations, the following preventive measures are applied to reduce the spread:

The use of a mask is recommended by customers when entering the indoor areas

Hand hygiene should be applied with soap and water, or with an antiseptic alcoholic solution containing 70% alcohol. The use of gloves does not replace hand hygiene. At the entrance of indoor areas, we provide you with antiseptic stations.

Proper respiratory hygiene must be followed, that is, covering the mouth and nose with a tissue in the case of coughing and sneezing and then, throwing it in a plastic bag and applying antiseptic to the hands. To this end, provision has been made for the corresponding equipment. It should not touch your nose and mouth.

The social distance of 1.5 meters is observed in all indoor and outdoor areas between people who do not belong to the same family or company or do not live in the same camp. For this reason, special marking measures are applied. At the same time, individuals will use a mask.

It is not allowed to enter, pass or stay and use facilities by non-residents in the camping.

The management maintains a record that is kept in the camping with its responsibility, for all the people who stay or have stayed in it.

The common areas and their equipment as well as the sanitary facilities are cleaned and disinfected daily with a posted updated cleaning program and a chlorine solution of 0.1% with a contact time of 10 minutes and are well ventilated during use.

Trash bins have been placed in accessible places and bins especially for gloves, masks and other medical equipment with special markings on their lids strictly for specific objects.

The distance between camps is at least 5 meters from the front door and 3 meters from the other sides.

Covid- 19 Suspected Case Management Plan

a) Symptoms that characterize a person as a suspected case of COVID-19 infection: sudden onset of disease, with at least one of the following symptoms: cough, fever, shortness of breath

b) Call number “1135” for communication for reporting the incident and guidance for its management,

c) Temporary isolation until their safe transport for medical diagnosis in his/her camper/ caravan (or securing a room with natural ventilation in case he/ she lives in a tent),

d) Place a surgical mask on the person with symptoms, tissues, plastic bag for their disposal and antiseptic of hands containing 70% alcohol,

e) Anyone entering the temporary isolation area must use a surgical mask, goggles, footrests, waterproof apron with long sleeves and gloves (used protective equipment must be discarded in a bag and in no case re-used, wash hands well with soap and water),

f) Ventilation of the temporary isolation area, cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and objects after the patient leaves with 0.1% bleach solution (cleaning materials must either be washed at 90 ° C before reuse),

g) Report to the health authority of all patients’ contacts starting two days before the onset of symptoms

h) Useful Numbers:

  •  MEDICAL CENTER (PYLOS): 2723360000


For more information, you can visit the government’s website:

The incidents and measures applied are recorded in the incident book


Responsible for the prevention and enforcement of measures

Markopoulos Nikolaos